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Oriental Rug Cleaning

The Art of Prime Cleaning

We offer an outstanding oriental rug cleaning, including a free estimate, pick up and delivery for the area of NYC. With more than ten years of experience, we have cleaned many oriental rugs and treated different types of stains. We will ensure to provide you with the customized oriental rug cleaning program according to your needs and preference.

Oriental Rug Repair

The Art of Repairing

Oriental rugs are valuable aesthetic and unique items bringing a vivid impression of your home interior look. Whether you have an antique Tabriz, Heriz, Bokhara, or Kashan rug, they all require special attention and care.  With proper maintenance tips, you can extend the life of your investments, but when the rugs over time get worn or damaged, you need to consult rug repair professionals. Having the damaged areas of oriental rugs treated immediately will prevent any further damages.

Oriental Rug Doctor

The Art of Restoring

From color restoration, stain removals to moth damage restoration practices, we have you covered. 
We can restore altered coloring, dyes running, and even stains or sun damages.
The color of rug dyes can fade, the fabric can be impaired, resulting in the rug losing its vibrant, sparkling appearance and value. Luckily, Oriental Rug Doctor expert restorers can restore your oriental rugs to their original condition