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Oriental Rug       Repair

We carefully evaluate the type of the rug, material and weaving. Then we inspect all damaged areas and take photos. Afterwards, we determine the best possible repair practices and assign the repair job to a specialist for the rug's particular type of weaving. 


Our rug repairmen specialize in the following:


  • Fringe repair, replacement or securing 

  • Binding replacement 

  • Size alterations and cutting 

  • Reweave holes 

  • Hand-binding/surging


By implementing rug repair techniques and methods we will preserve both the artistic and form aspects of your rugs. Materials and fabrics used for structure or hole repairs will replicate the original foundation of your oriental rugs. Furthermore, we always use matching dyed yarns that will perfectly blend with the restored areas of rugs. 


Rest assured-your valued oriental rugs will be in good hands at  Oriental Rug Doctor.

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